Thursday, August 10, 2006

I failed to mention Tuesday's swim at Lake Anza...probably cuz it wasn't anything special. I just wanted to get it over with and didn't make the most of my time there. The day was lovely, the water a little chilly but fine within a few minutes, not too many tykes buzzing around. I swam out to lap area and did 4 far is anyones guess....not nearly far enough that I can be sure. I may try to go back today and take my time....rushing through it is never very productive. I still don't like the lake so much, and the sign posted warning swimmer's about a little bug in the water that causes "swimmer's itch" did nothing to endear me to it.

I pulled off a not-so-easy 40 minute run this morning...not bad though considering yesterday's margarita fest. Feeling good about the upcoming races and looking forward to going back to the Y in the Fall once my Strawberry membership expires. I've been watching that new show "Workout" and it's got me thinking about the that I've put a good dent in the bodyfat I'm wanting (this is a good sign as I find weight lifting incredibly boring) to focus on strengthening more.

Have a Great Day!

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