Wednesday, August 09, 2006

M and Me

The weather is warmer up again. Kept M home from camp today and we went for a bike ride.
A decent ride with NO MALFUNCTIONS!!! Seriously folks, we have the worst luck it seems with bike rides but today was perfection. She got a little hot and bothered after climbing the hill behind the race track but after a rest break we cruised . Good stuff!

We got home and pretty much loafed around the rest of the day. It felt good to just agenda no stressing over another missed workout opportunity. It occured to me that SHE'S the reason (not entirely) I'm getting in shape and getting active. I noticed that recently whenever I want her to go swimming it requires LOT's of negotiation. She used to love to go swimming before I actually knew how to swim. I finally sat her down and asked why was it such a hassle to get her to go and she said "because you never play with me anymore!" I was guilty as charged. We go to the pool, she in the general wading area and I head for a lap lane.

As hot as it is today we opted to watch Project Runway and Dog the Bounty Hunter.
We're an eclectic bunch here! Currently she's working on a designer dog collar for Brandy and I'm perfecting my Margarita skills......hey, it's hot!

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Anne said...

I love Project Runway. Great show to watch, whether it's hot or not. I hope Brandy benefitted from the inspirations of the designers!