Sunday, August 17, 2008

running on sidewalks isn't the only reason for sore legs, truth is my right knee is still tender from my over enthusiastic return to trail running a couple of weeks ago, namely charging down Strawberry and favoring my right leg.

despite knowing better i've broken runnings cardinal rule. build up slow and steady. it's always always worked for me in the past so why i've succumbed to this on and off bullshit approach to getting ready for a 20k is beyond comprehension. i just need to base build and focus on having fun again.

i took brandy to lone oak this morning and about 5 minutes into our hike she got spooked by an older couple walking towards us. the goofball stopped dead in her tracks sniffed out a low growel and hightailed the opposite direction, almost all the way back to the car. so picture me with poop bags, leash, keys and water bottle chasing my dog...good times. when we were well out of view of the "scary couple" she slinked over to me and had to stay on-leash for the remainder of the way.

lots of fog in the canyon this morning, misty and fragrant i love this trail. brandy's ears perked a few times to the sound of owls hooting. we reached the summit in about 30 minutes and trotted down the other side in about 15. my knee liked the gentler descent and while not a real hard workout it cleared my head and was just the right amount of outdooor time to keep me in the loop so to speak.

in other news, this year T and I celebrated birthdays together and had one party and my SIL gave us gift certificate for Sur La Table, a fancy smancy kitchen store. with M at my mom's for a sleepover we had time to shop undistracted. we got a really cool indoor hydroponic herb garden, the AeroGarden, Pro 100. it's going to look great in this weird dark corner on my kitchen counter. can't wait to start reaping the spoils, which according to the reviews is freakishly fast. pictures forthcoming.


Mia Goddess said...

Freakishly fast! Gotta love that. :)

I know you know this, but *please* watch your knee. It's so funny, we were just talking about base miles, and how different training is when you don't have them. It's just different this time, so you'll be prepared in a different way.

Anne said...

Belated birthday wishes! I hope your pup at least kept up a good pace after doing an about face.